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Welcome to the Lutheran Bowlers Association of WI state bowling tournament website




     This tournament is operated with USBC Moral Support Certification and provides high score protection for those who have established membership in the Congress prior to participation. The tournament allows for the participation of those not affiliated with the Congress without payment of any dues.

     The objective of this Association shall be to promote fellowship to Lutherans who are in good standing in Congregations whose pastors belong to the Missouri(LCMS), Wisconsin(WELS), or Evangelical Lutheran(ELS) Synods, together with Lutherans of such other congregations as the Association may from time to time determine.

     To enforce among its members the playing rules of the United States Bowling Congress's(USBC) under moral sanction, and to excercise and discharge all the powers and duties granted and required by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Lutheran Bowlers Association of Wisconsin.

     To Conduct an Annual Tournament of the game of American Ten Pins, the result of which shall decide the Team, Doubles, Individual, and All-Events Champion of the Lutheran Bowlers Association of Wisconsin.

     To encourage and foster among its members and all bowlers the spirit of good fellowship.



     All individuals residing in the State of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Peninsula, also out of state bowlers affiliated with churches of schools promoting secondary education in Wisconsin, are eligable to participate in all the events of the Tournament providing they qualify.



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